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SMILE NO SMILE by Damien Vappereau (GV $5)

SMILE NO SMILE by Damien Vappereau (GV $5)


Comes with a $5 gift voucher on your next purchase :)


Does not apply to MAP (minimum advertised pricing) products.


With the NUMBERS magic trick, you will pass to your friends and spectators like a prodigy calculator, in fact you will calculate faster than any calculator and this under general amazement and amazement.

  • No technique.
  • Nothing to learn by heart.
  • Very easy, allowing you to focus only on the presentation.
  • Doesn't take up space on you and cards can even fit in your wallet.

You receive:

  • Eight special cards printed especially for the tour.
  • A link inside the box to an explanatory video.

Level: from beginner to professional.

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