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All You Wanted to Know And More

Delivery related questions

1) What products can be delivered?

Selected products in the "Magic" category can be delivered island-wide in Singapore. (Refer to this link for the entire catalogue) All other products are not available for delivery at this point in time.

2) How does the $5 delivery works?

You pay $5 for your products to be delivered to anywhere in Singapore. It is that simple and straightforward. 

3) How long does the delivery take?


It is estimated to take between 5 to 7 days. 

4) Do we have international deliveries?

No, we do not have any international deliveries for any of our products. The delivery is strictly in Singapore only.

Due to the change in the refund policy from Paypal/Stripe, Paypal/Stripe will not refund the transaction fees back to the buyer for ALL REFUNDS. International buyers who insist on making deliveries to outside Singapore will bear all transaction fees from the refunds.

5) Any other pointers that I should be aware of?

The $8 delivery island-wise is only applicable for all products that are uploaded and live after 15 January 2022.

All GVs that are provided with the delivered products are voided and cannot be used for other purchases. (For example, if you purchase a product with a $5 GV and you got it delivered. You will not receive any GV as the products are delivered. To prevent this, you can choose the option of self-collection for the products and pick up the products in store to enjoy the GVs)

List of  Gift Voucher (GV) related questions

1) Can I use the Gift Voucher (GV) on the spot in the physical store?

Yes you can use the GV immediately in the same purchase or on the same day/on the spot in the physical store. 

2) What products can I use the GV on?

You can use the GV on ANY products in the shop. 

3) What happen if I use the GV on a product that gives GV? 

Referring to the previous question, you can use your GV on any products. However, if you wish to use your GV on a certain product (that also provides GV), then you will not receive the GV from the discounted product.

For example, you decide to purchase $18 Black Widow Playing Cards (which gives $3 GV) and $14 White Aurelians Playing Cards (which gives GV $2).

We will use the $3 GV that you get from the Black Widow Playing Cards on White Aurelians Playing Cards. This means that you will only pay $29 in total. (On the other hand, if you insist on using the $2 GV from White Aurelians Playing Cards to offset the Black Widow Playing Cards, the total will be $30. This is not recommended as you are playing $1 extra).

Finally, you pay $29 for both decks. BUT you will not get the GV from White Aurelians Playing Cards..

To summarize, the product that is discounted (from you using the GV), will not provide any GV. 

4) What are the other notable terms and conditions of GV?

- The GV is valid for SAME DAY purchase only. 

Other commonly asked questions

Which payment methods do you offer?

In the physical store, we accept Cash or via Paynow. 

For the online store, we accept Credit Card Payments, Paypal, Bank Transfer or Paynow.

I am unable to find a certain product on your website. Do you carry the product?


Do drop us your product inquiry via Whatsapp at +65 80139527 and we will get back to  you as soon as possible.

I will like to check if you have certain products in stock. How do I check the status?

Do drop us your product inquiry via Whatsapp at +65 90289186 and we will get back to  you as soon as possible.

What is the purpose of creating an account on the website?

First of all, you will be able to track all of your online orders that you have purchased from us previously. Next, you will be able to view and check all the bookings for magic course and magic shows you have made with us.

What are the two different prices I see for the products on the website?

Depending on your final selection of your product for either in store purchase or delivery, the appropriate prices will be reflected.

I am unable to add a certain product to the cart. What is the problem?

The most common problem is that you might have tried to add a product that is "Purchase in Store ONLY".

The other issue is that you have to select your desired colour/size/shape/options before adding into the cart. If you are still encountering any problem, Whatsapp us at +65 80139527 and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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