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You can be a magician by Chuck Hayes (GV $12)

You can be a magician by Chuck Hayes (GV $12)


Comes with a $12 gift voucher on your next purchase :)

Does not apply to MAP (minimum advertised pricing) products.


Give yourself a break! Let the spectator do all the work. Ask a spectator if they would like to be a magician. If they say yes. Give them a small pamphlet titled, You Can Be A Magician. Tell them with this book, they can and will be a magician. Ask them to start to read it to themselves.

The book will tell them what's really up. They have to read out loud a simple script of all text printed in black and do an action of the things listed in the book printed in red. It's easy for them to catch on. The book is less than 3 pages printed in large print.

They start with the trick. They become the magician, they select a volunteer and you become the magician's assistant. A card is selected, a prediction is revealed, an error is made while the magician blames you and somehow corrects the mistake you made! Fooling everyone including the new magician!


This is a funny piece of work. The best in audience participation.

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