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Warrior Women V2 Playing Cards by Headless Kings

Warrior Women V2 Playing Cards by Headless Kings

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History has never been kind to women. Traditionally, the historical record has obscured, neglected, and distorted the experiences and honors of many great women. No matter the obstacles they fought to overcome to become writers, poets, scientists, or artists, being a woman was a huge drawback in any society. And in the end, they had another struggle to overcome, the fight to not be eliminated by the tomes of history.

Among these noble women, there were those known for their warrior spirit. The spirit to participate on the battlefields of old, where masculine energies dominated, and no women were welcome. Yet there were some who broke tradition and fought to be their true selves. On these battlefields, not only did these Warrior Women fight as well as men, but some of them were rose to the challenge, becoming leaders or specialists where no one believe they could. All these of these women warriors fought back against a male-dominated world!

In this continuation of the Warrior Women saga, we strive to keep the knowledge of these great warriors alive, honoring their past victories and defeats, and informing the present to inspire the future!

This project is dedicated to showcasing the numerous warrior women that have existed throughout history, providing brief accounts of their lives and the roles they played in the theater of war. Countless women have fought in every war in human history, and they deserve to be remembered. We hope that people will find it engaging and interesting.These stories help deepen our understanding of the contributions these warrior women made to the world, showing how far they advanced and how we, as a modern society, value their courage.
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Premium Casino Grade Paper Stock
  • Air Cushion Embossed Card Finish
  • 56 completely custom playing cards (Each court, ace, and joker cards will have original illustrations)
  • Custom pips
  • Four custom illustrated Jokers
  • Backs printed with Metallic Ink
  • Tucks will be made by CLOVE STREET PRESS
  • Use of Gold, Silver and Green FOIL for the tuck box
  • The tuck box will have EMBOSSING on all sides
  • Numbered Foil Seal
  • Interior Foil print

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