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VOLTE-FACE by Sonny Boom

VOLTE-FACE by Sonny Boom

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Giving your business card can be a complicate moment. So why not create a magical moment around the business card.

With VOLTE-FACE you present a last effect that not only will blow your audiences minds, but at the same time bring out your business card.

A playing card is shown both sides, and by pushing it through the deck of cards, it changes magically into your business card.

The perfect closer for your close-up performance. Ideal for table-hopping, cocktail parties and even street performances.

Some additional ideas with credit cards are also explained using this versatile gimmick.


  • Easy to do
  • Detailed instructions on the handling provided
  • Complete constructed gimmick provided


Needed Material for performance:

  • Bicycle Playing Cards
  • Business cards

English and French online tutorial with detailed instructions.

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