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TWISTER by Danny Weiser

TWISTER by Danny Weiser

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Vortex Magic presents TWISTER by Danny Weiser


The COOLEST trick ever devised with a Sharpie Pen. At anytime in your performance you take (or borrow) a Sharpie and instantly twist it in to a balloon animal shaped dog!

This dog has been created especially for this trick and made to Danny's exact measurements and weight making this super easy to perform. If you use a SHARPIE in your act you will WANT TO ADD THIS!

"Now this...This is my kind of magic. TAKE MY MONEY!"
- Bizzaro

"I really dig it!! Wish I'd thought of it ..."
- Matt Johnson

"The BEST trick EVER with a Sharpie Pen!!!..."
- Paul Romhany

Danny's performance : "People ask me if I make balloon animals. I'm afraid I don't BUT I do something way better." Danny then takes the Sharpie pen he's been using throughout his show and visibly twists it at his fingertips making it in to a balloon dog. For those really special moments when he really wants to create a lasting impression Danny will leave the dog with the spectator.


  • Shar-pei balloon dog made from Resin.
  • Download tutorial

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