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Traffic Light Paddle (Preowned)

Traffic Light Paddle (Preowned)


This is a very effective pocket effect, requiring only the Paddle Move to perform. The mechanical paddle supplied does the rest. Unlike most paddle effects, this has four complete changes, not just two ! Perhaps one of the finest Paddle effects around.

In Performance you show 3 Red spots covering the paddle (like traffic lights), showing both sides of the Paddle are the same. .  

Pass your hand over the paddle, and you show the spots have changed to 3 Yellow spots. Again show both sides of the paddle the same. 

Again pass your hand over paddle, and all the spots have changed to green. Once again you show both sides are the same. 

Finally, pass your hand over paddle, and spots have again changed, to three different colors -Red, Yellow and Green.

A few handling trials is all you require, and the four changes are very amazing, and effective. 

If you like, you can also cause the colour changes by passing the paddle through your closed fist. 

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