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The Charlatan System by The Magic Firm (GV $28)

The Charlatan System by The Magic Firm (GV $28)


Comes with a $28 gift voucher on your next purchase :)


Imagine you're sitting at a card table. A fresh deck of cards has the shiny, crisp cellophane carefully removed under every player's watchful eye. Perfectly crafted at the factory, it has never been touched by human hands until now... or has it?

The Charlatan is not just a deck sealer. It's a system that enables you to create stunning miracles that your audience will truly believe are impossible. They know that a deck wrapped in cellophane hasn't been tampered with. But they don't know what the Charlatan knows.

The Charlatan is a portable heating device that not only allows you to perfectly reseal a deck of cards back to factory-fresh status, it also allows you to fuse dry mounting tissue (aka DMT) for making the most deceptive card gaffs possible.

Imagine building your own custom double facer, double backer, or other devious gaff and secretly inserting it into your favorite deck. The deck that you also marked and rearranged into a memorized stack. When you're that far ahead of your audience, it's completely impossible for them to backtrack a method.

Brent Braun will guide you through the operation and usage of the system, including how to quickly reseal an open deck, plus some diabolical applications that will turn you into the next Charlatan.

*We do not condone use of this system to gain an unfair advantage in games. This system is for novelty & entertainment purposes only.

  • Includes Charlatan unit with 2 heat modes
  • Perfect for resealing a deck or fusing DMT gaffs
  • Includes 20 reusable black sticker seals and 20 cellophanes (refills available)
  • Includes heat resistant silicone work surface
  • Includes credit card sized smoothing tool
  • Includes right angle alignment jig
  • Includes 45 minute video instruction from Brent Braun and The Magic Firm

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