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The BLUR 2021 by Tenyo Magic

The BLUR 2021 by Tenyo Magic

$25.00 Regular Price
$19.90Sale Price

Call the eye cards are mysteriously blurry!

This striking trick creates a unique image - a blurred deck of cards. Your audience will think they need their eyes checked when the ink starts to blur. Get ready to hear them shout in surprise! The clever gimmick is fully hidden within the deck of cards, making this very easy to perform.

  • Freely show both sides of a pack of playing cards. Ask a spectator to freely select one card and remember it.
  • Suddenly the printed ink on all the cards becomes blurry! Spread through the cards to show the entire deck has gone out of focus.
  • Amazingly, the only card not blurry is the freely selected card!
  • Moments after displaying the blurred cards, you restore them all to their original condition!
  • Items included:
    Gimmicked deck of cards
    Instruction sheet

    Created by Mathieu Bich

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