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Sui Generis by Fraser Parker - Book (GV $42)

Sui Generis by Fraser Parker - Book (GV $42)

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$220.00Sale Price

Comes with a $42 gift voucher on your next purchase :)

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Sui Generis is a hardback book that contains the secret principle behind this method and also teaches the foundation of this new propless word guess system.

The book is 139 pages and is typeset in size 11 font, with a full colour cover, case wrapped binding.

It is ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY POUNDS a copy. There is no additional shipping cost at checkout.

This will ship directly from the printers in the United States using a "print on demand" service.


"This is on a whole different level than any of his previous work."
- Ori Asher

"Who the f**k are you? Alien? Creature from another cosmic dimension? Fraser, this is BRILLIANT. Clearly my best purchase since a very long time. I'm in shock. Bravo ..."
- Stephane Mansiet

"I have always taken a keen interest in the development of new linguistic tools within the field of Mentalism. In this regard Fraser is offering a fresh tool that I am very excited to start playing with!"
- Michael Murray

"Fraser has never given up on the search for the perfect word guess and Sui Generis proves that such dedication reaps rewards. What he has discovered is a natural principle that gets the participant to do the work for you. The effort he's put into creating this method has given us a tool we can use effortlessly."
- Ross Tayler

"Fraser Parker is a unique entity within the Mentalism field.
He has an expansive knowledge of both physical and verbal methods, an impressive understanding of how people think, and a core philosophy on how Mentalism should look and be experienced.
When Fraser brings these attributes together, in conjunction with a continual process of refinement, he is able to create and find new principles and methods for achieving feats of Mind Reading.
This is seen throughout his work.
However, this new method is perhaps the pinnacle of Fraser's creative process and thinking, not only in what it allows you to achieve, but also in how the method works.
It's a beautiful and unique piece of thinking.
The method is purely verbal and allows you to identify almost any word that a participant has in their mind.
It is easy to learn - and I truly mean that.
It is also easy for the participant to follow, as it involves the most minimal form of process (which is justified by the nature of the routine). As a result, the method is quick to execute, meaning that it can be performed as a direct demonstration of Mind Reading or can be embedded within a larger and more layered routine.
I was stunned when Fraser performed it on me for the first time. And now having learnt the method, I have also stunned myself when performing it.
How could I know that someone has the word 'igloo' in their mind after simply asking them to think of any object? This method allows you to do this. And it really feels like you are reading someone's mind.
I have performed it many times now, including during an online show. I was correct each time and the reactions were great. This should be in the arsenal of all Mentalists and, for me, is a true game changer.
Highly, highly recommended!"
- Ross Bartels

"I've had the privilege to have a sneak peek from Fraser Parker at what I truly think is going to be one of the most powerful tools in propless Mentalism EVER DEVISED!
I'm so glad that Fraser shared this with me, and honestly the feeling it gave me, not only when he performed it on me but also when I performed it on him was ... incredible!
There are very few routines I know of which give you as much satisfaction performing them as the audience get when you amaze them with it, but this is truly the case here.
Believe it or not, it felt as if I was in his head when I tried it out on him!
But what is it? I hear you say ... Put it this way, this is pretty much an ANY WORD divination that is possible, entirely without props.
It can be a random object, name, adjective, drawing, emotion, symbol, animal, country, you name it! And it's completely intuitive!
You need some practice before you get good at it, but that's like all other types of effects. In this case, you're not developing a muscle pass or something like that, you're developing your ability to read minds.
It feels as if you are actually READING their minds! Let me say that in a better a way: you ARE actually reading their minds!!!
The best part of it is how versatile it is!
What Fraser has developed is versatile and adaptable to any situation!
Through a reading, through a dissociative procedure or through a psychic grasp of their thoughts, you can simply say what they're thinking of!
Let me give you an example from one of the performances: He asked me to think of an object, and to give him two unrelated words.
Since I lived by the ocean and I was wondering about what was going to happen, I gave him the words: 'ocean' and 'question', the first words that came to mind. He then directly nailed the object I had in mind: a freaking shoe!!!! It's that direct and powerful!!!
And once you start performing it ... agh! How amazing it feels when you nail their thoughts also! So so good!!"
- Taha Mansour

"Fraser is an absolute genius!
He has just shown me something incredible! What he showed me is an entirely brand new principle and is a genuine breakthrough in the Mentalism world and propless genre.
This universal principle will enable you to achieve the impossible.
It is something you'll definitely want in your arsenal. You are literally able to walk around in someone's mind to know what they are thinking.
I was absolutely fooled!
He was able to pluck a completely random name out of my head.
It is absolutely beautiful!"
- Luke Turner

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