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Stephen Hobbs Labyrinth (Standard Edition) by Kaufman and Company (GV $10)

Stephen Hobbs Labyrinth (Standard Edition) by Kaufman and Company (GV $10)


Comes with a $10 gift voucher on your next purchase :)


Limited edition reprint of Stephen Hobbs' underground, and fabulous, magazine from the 1990s: Labyrinth. Less than 100 copies of each issue were originally printed, so the material will be new to virtually all of you.

The book is 456 pages, hardcover with a 3-piece binding, printed on acid free paper and Smyth Sewn for lay-flat reading.


Contents (from book ToC, descriptions from various sources)

11 Introduction (Richard Kaufman)
13 Preface (Stephen Hobbs)

21 Number One
23 Preliminary
24 The Close-Up Billusion (Banks, Ehlers, Gross, Lambert)
28 Fate or Free Will? (Jack Carpenter)
31 The Big Fat Hairy Con (Steve Mayhew)
34 A “Quickie” Revisited (Jack Carpenter)
36 Carpenter’s Cannibals (Jack Carpenter)
39 The Grippo Transpo (Carpenter, Ehlers, Mayhew)

41 Number Two
43 Preliminary
44 O’Henry Plays Jazz (Jack Carpenter)
51 Two Moves (Jack Carpenter)
51 – The Carpenter Outjog Insertion
53 – The Tabled Elmsley Switch
56 Full Reverse (Jack Carpenter)
62 Obliter-Ace-Ion (Jack Carpenter)

65 Number Three
67 Preliminary
68 The Real Deal (Ernest Earick)
74 Mayhew’s Middle Deal Miracle (Steve Mayhew)
77 Deal Easy (Doug Edwards)
79 Hinge Cover Herrmann Pass (Jed Smith)
82 HR Aces (Harvey Rosenthal)
85 Double Lift Revolve Palm (Michael Friedland)
88 Fixed Thought (Michael Friedland)
92 Pocket Interchange (Jack Carpenter)
95 Errata
95 Issue One
96 Issue Two

97 Number Four
99 Preliminary
100 Voodoo Redo (Alain Nu): voodoo doll revelation
107 Rune Speller Fortune Teller (Alain Nu): using rune dice to divine thought of word
112 Bender Ender (Alain Nu): spoon bends in handkerchief held by spectator
116 On Books & Good Looks (Alain Nu): six approaches for ungaffed book tests
116 – Peek-to-Peek (Alain Nu)
120 – Page Number Riffle Force (Alain Nu)
122 – The Romantic Reader (Alain Nu)
122 – The Silver Dollar Force (Alain Nu)
123 – The Natural Anagram Principle (Alain Nu)
126 – Peek Bank (Alain Nu)
128 Over-Draun Challenge (Alain Nu): Draun’s Fan Glimpse adapted to three cards
131 Red-Black Stack (Alain Nu): Curry’s Out of This World for strolling with reset
134 Invisibility Watch (Alain Nu): Invisible deck presentation

137 Number Five (original 32 pages)
139 Preliminary
140 Impossible Card Rise (Polaris [Carl Mellish]): impromptu card rises above deck
143 Pocket Interchange Revisited (Larry Jennings, Steve Ehlers, Eric Dockery): version of Jack Carpenter’s Pocket Interchange
150 American Express (Doug Edwards): make an instant Himber Wallet
153 Efficient Fishing (Bob Farmer): essay on binary, majority and combo fishing
158 The Floating Add-On (William Goodwin): card finesse
160 Ungaffed Triple Spellbound (Kevin Bethea): coins
167 Mayhew’s Mistake (Steve Mayhew): pseudo center deal demo

169 Number Six
171 Preliminary 
172 The “Eight-Four” Trick (Aaron Fisher): self working prediction
175 The Outjog Herrmann Pass & Variations (Aaron Fisher)
182 Fisher’s Favorite Inversion (Aaron Fisher): handling of James Lewis effect
184 Simple Searchers (Aaron Fisher): handling of Jenning’s effect
186 Ace Mis-Show & Vanish (Aaron Fisher): no gimmick vanish of Ace from packet
189 Fisher Multiple Lift Sequence (Aaron Fisher)
192 The Covered Strip-Out Switch (Aaron Fisher): packet switch 
197 Two Tricks with the Covered Strip-Out Switch (Aaron Fisher)
197 – Quick Sync
198 – The Mens Club (Aaron Fisher, Dan Harlan, Gordon Bean)
199 Basic Math (Mike Strange, Aaron Fisher, Lee Asher): self-working

201 Number Seven 
203 Preliminary
204 Regressive Triumph Part I (Steve Mayhew): version of Triumph
207 Free Association (Jamy Ian Swiss): on the Center Tear
214 Hot Pocket (John Lovick): card to pocket
220 Foiled Again! (Ben Cohen): coin vanish
224 Melt Down (Joe Rindflesch): copper penny melts
225 A $100 Dollar Bill Switch Routine (Steve Mayhew)
228 On the Numerical Prediction (Noel Coughlin): prediction of a sum of numbers
233 Regressive Triumph Part II (Karen Beriss & Stephen Hobbs)
236 Errata
236 – Issue Five

237 Number Eight Part 1
239 Preliminary
240 Mayhew’s Aces (Steve Mayhew)
245 “Attitude” (Steve Mayhew)
249 Mayhew’s Opener (Steve Mayhew)
255 $100 Gag (Steve Mayhew)
257 Multiple Card Control (Steve Mayhew)
261 Flash Ace Production (Steve Mayhew)
264 Thoughts on the Dribble Pass (Steve Mayhew)

269 Number Eight: Part 2 
271 Preliminary
272 Ultimate Blackjack (Steve Mayhew)
277 Lazy Man’s Ten-Card Poker Deal (Steve Mayhew)
282 Keep Your Hands in Your Pockets (Steve Mayhew)
286 The Real World (Steve Mayhew)
291 Vanishing Variations (Steve Mayhew)
291 The Vanishing Poker Deal
292 Topsy-Turvey Vanishing Poker Deal
294 The Vanishing Fix

297 Number Nine
299 Preliminary
300 Time Flies (Dean Dill): thought of card flies from one deck to another
301 Con-Clue-Sion (Phil Goldstein and Stephen Hobbs): Clue Game prediction
309 The Trans-Pocket Switch & Applications (John Guastaferro): on the Card to Pocket
318 Dunbury Aces (Steve Silverman): prediction cards transform into three mates
324 Multi-Level Dealing (Steve Silverman): false dealing demo
328 Pinky Break (Anton Van Helden)
331 Multiplex Interchange (John Lovick): extension of Carpenter’s Pocket Interchange

337 Number Ten
339 Preliminary
340 The Golden Chain (Eric Dockery): in-the-hands Endless Chain
349 The Rose (Eric Dockery): rose sticker on card to real rose
354 Hot Sauce (Eric Dockery): sponge ball with kicker
358 The Genie Bottle (Eric Dockery): prayer vase
363 No Camera Trickery (Eric Dockery): torn and restored and more
367 Repeat Card to Envelope (Eric Dockery)
372 Paddle Routine Notes (Eric Dockery): ideas on version using butter knife

373 Number Eleven
375 Preliminary
376 A Labyrinth in a Labyrinth (Gordon Bean): cards
379 The Ballet Cut (John Guastaferro)
384 Kings Castle (Steve Silverman): four King’s effect
387 Moment of Egress (Steve Silverman): handling of Elmsley’s Point of Departure
391 Card Case Cascade (Lee Asher): flourish
394 Silvermans Outjog Insertion (Steve Silverman)
397 On the Bottle Production (John Lovick): three techniques

405 Number Twelve (original 44 pages)
407 Preliminary
408 The Name Tag Trick (Gregory Wi