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Solstice Playing Cards by Kings Wild (GV $2)

Solstice Playing Cards by Kings Wild (GV $2)


Comes with a $2 gift voucher on your next purchase :)


The Solstice is the third deck in a 4 deck series thematically based on the Equinox and Solstice Calendar events. Solstice continues the series them by celebrating the Summer Solstice ushering in the beautiful colors of summer. The Solstice tuck case features a premium paper stock with three, intricately foiled color patterns. The combinations of colors on the tuck create a vibrant presentation. The Standard Edition Solstice has a sleek and simple design that makes a perfect pairing to its more elaborate Limited and Gilded Edition siblings. The completely custom court cards continue this theme with refreshing colors of summer and simple but beautiful court cards that are a refreshing change to the "same old" cards you might be used to. When playing cards or table games in the coming summer months, choosing the Solstice deck to deal out will not only freshen up your table scenery but you will find that The Solstice deck is also a highly functional, easily playable deck for all ages.

The Solstice cards were printed by The Expert Playing Card Company and the beautiful tuck case was traditionally letter pressed by Clove St. Press of San Diego, California.

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