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Signature From The Past by Frank Pacheco

Signature From The Past by Frank Pacheco

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A signed card that travels to the past and appears inside a balloon. The spectator will have a balloon that has a folded card inside, the magician gives the spectator a card from the entire deck and signs it. The magician loses it with the other cards, gives it a magic pass and the card disappears from the deck, travels to the past and gets inside the balloon. The balloon is punctured and the signed letter comes out. the public does not believe what has happened. VERY SHOCKING. A version of the letter signed to the balloon where the problem of the "extra card" is solved and also allows to do it with a transparent balloon in an absolutely clean way.

Frank Pacheco evolves the game with an ingenious system. Any type of balloon can be used. Some are included with the hack so you can do it right after you receive it.

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