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SELF EXPLODING BEER GLASS (16cm) by Wance   (GV $14)

SELF EXPLODING BEER GLASS (16cm) by Wance (GV $14)



Comes with a $14 gift voucher on your next purchase :)

Does not apply to MAP (minimum advertised pricing) products


This is the self-exploding glass from Wance, the best self-exploding glass in the world!

Many magic stars have perform Wance's Self-Exploding Glass in the world wide.

It has a stable and reliable quality with a unique quality inspection machine invented by Wance.


A spectator is encouraged to inspect a glass to make sure that it is solid. It is bashed with a wand showing it to be virtually indestructible. Magician take the glass back and then it will be exploded in pieces with your mind power. The shocked looks on your spectator's face will be unbelievable!


  • 1PCS self-exploding glass
  • 1PCS gimmick
  • Online instruction

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