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RIBBON CAAN by Jean-Pierre Vallarino   (GV $6)

RIBBON CAAN by Jean-Pierre Vallarino (GV $6)


Comes with a $6 gift voucher on your next purchase :)


Does not apply to MAP (minimum advertised pricing) products.


1. Give the viewer a prediction
2. Make a ribbon
3. Ask the spectator to choose a number
4. Count to the number chosen...

After several months of work in collaboration with David Ferrari to refine this trick, Jean-Pierre Vallarino presents you with a totally surreal effect and never before achieved in such conditions!

Indeed, with RIBBON you are able to offer a real CAAN (card to the number freely chosen by the spectator) by only asking the spectator to choose a number until after having spread out your ribbon of cards. Once the number is chosen you just have to count and of course you will always find the desired card! Don't forget to show the game face up as well, just to get the point home!

Be careful, however: Making RIBBON can have some side effects (sequestration in order to force you to reveal your trick, spectators fainting, etc...)

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