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PACK WALLET by Amor Magic (GV $2)

PACK WALLET by Amor Magic (GV $2)



Comes with a $2 gift voucher on your next purchase :)


Maybe you think packet wallet is not a big deal for card magic, but we don't think so.

Actually, the shape, color and details of the wallet has an influence when you perform packet tricks. It can be compared to a big illusion; your assistants' appearance and performance has a big affect in your whole show.

So, AMOR Magic put a lot of effort about this wallet; make it more convenient for you to put and take the cards, more durable and better-looking, the most important thing is the price is reasonable!!

  • All black color, and so thin
  • The most comfortable and durable artificial leather that we can find
  • High quality lining
  • Great experience for card packets
  • POCKET and WINDOW design

It's perfect for your packet card trick!!!!!!

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