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Ovations by Jim Steinmeyer

Ovations by Jim Steinmeyer

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This routine is a GREAT opener both in live or virtual shows. Jim Steinmeyer opened his virtual lecture with this routine and all the cards were mailed to each spectator and the ending was great! It is a great ice-breaker in real life shows as well!

No sleights, no moves and nothing hard to do!! The instructions are written as a virtual show, but this routine has also been performed LIVE and the set of 4 cards are given to each member of the audience as they enter the showroom, living room, parlor, Staples get the idea.

You hand everyone in the audience a small set of cards, or mail them in virtual shows, each with different words on them. (for example, stand up, wow, jump up, applaud etc...) Each person shuffles their packet as much, or as little, as they want. Each spectator eliminates a card after spelling the word (and every word is different), then shuffles the cards again. Cards are eliminated one at a time until there is only ONE CARD LEFT! Then, as the big finale, everyone is instructed to do whatever is written on their last card and BOOM - the ENTIRE audience is left doing the exact same thing for example everyone Jumps Up at the same time, or everyone Applauds!)

From Jim Steinmeyer: "This amazing routine, a liberal variation of my routine, 'The Irresistible Force' from Devilish Impuzzibilities, was created with Alex Ramon for his own virtual shows. It also works perfectly well with a live audience, of course. But the description here will demonstrate the procedure through electronic media."

It it SO FAIR and everyone shuffles differently yet, in the end, everyone has the SAME WORD! It is a great interactive routine for virtual shows and if you have enough cards for your audience, an AWESOME routine for real life.

The cards are customizable so you can make more and predict ANY outcome!

You'll get 15 sets of the 4 Ovations cards

VERY EASY to DO and a REALLY STRONG routine!

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