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MIND DEVICE by Julio Montoro by Julio Montoro (GV $7)

MIND DEVICE by Julio Montoro by Julio Montoro (GV $7)


Comes with a $7 gift voucher on your next purchase :)


Does not apply to MAP (minimum advertised pricing) products.


Do you want to know the deepest thoughts of your spectator?

We introduce to you, Mind Device, the finest peek device ever created.

Created by Julio Montoro years ago, Mind Device allows you to peek at anything your spectator has written on a business card. You will get a full view of the word or drawing, so you will only need to worry about the presentation.

Julio Montoro has covered everything in the tutorial; from how to customize it, to multiple routines using different handlings explained.

It is so thin that you can carry it with you in your back pocket without worrying about anything. Forget about the old classic peek wallet. With a Mind Device you will have one of the best peek devices ever created right in your pocket.

What does Mind Device include?

  • Specially designed envelope made in the UK (Normal envelope).
  • Specially fully gimmicked envelope made in Spain by Dante.
  • Rubber band for one of the handlings explained.
  • Paper clip for one of the handlings explained.
  • Extra "something" to make the trick work.

Mind Device is that thing that Modern Magicians have been waiting for. Get yours now!

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