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Marking Collection by Secret Factory (GV $4)

Marking Collection by Secret Factory (GV $4)


Comes with a $4 gift voucher on your next purchase :)


Secret Factory brings you this super marking deck that you dreamed about.

Marking Collection is a deck with 56 cards that have special secret system on the back of them, by reading the marking system, you can determine what's on the face of the cards in less than 1 second.

No... I know what you are thinking about..."I already have too many marking decks!"

It's NOT a deck of traditional playing card. It's a special deck with many different symbols on the face of the card, included:

  • EPS (with 2 color backs)
  • Number
  • Star sig
  • Rock - paper - scissors
  • Yes/no
  • Color
  • And more...

Don't worry, our system is very devious that no one can figure it out without telling them the secret!

By using this deck, you can create many routines that only exist in your mind.

We sure that you will fall in love with it immediately after you learning the secret. Forget about so many pack trick cards sets that you already have, this is the only deck you will 100% carry it with you in every of your performance.

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