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LEGACY DECK HOLDER by Joao Miranda (GV $81)

LEGACY DECK HOLDER by Joao Miranda (GV $81)


Comes with a $81 gift voucher on your next purchase :)


The legacy deck holder consists of a clever design that was invented and designed by João Miranda and Miguel Pinto.

It hides the legacy gimmick inside and its construction is a true art piece.

It allows for many effects to be performed.

Here is a small example:

You show to the audience two decks of cards inside a deck holder that was from your grandfather, but which has something very special in one card that he wrote many years ago.

(You force one of the decks) and then it will appear in real ink anything you wish, in one card.

It is a true miracle.

It is a must have for every legacy owner.

DISCLAIMER: Legacy system not included (purchased separately).

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