League of Monsters Playing Cards - Rare Deck

League of Monsters Playing Cards - Rare Deck


The League of Monster deck of cards project! This is the first completely hand-painted on canvas card project we are aware of! My wife and I have spent the better part of three months sketching, drawing, erasing, re-drawing, designing, and painting this deck of cards. Each card was carefully designed, hand-drawn and hand-painted onto 24x36" stretched canvases. One of our favorite elements is the hidden words on the Ace cards.


(See if you can find them!) Our dream was to be able to hold this entire collection of paintings in our hands as a deck of playing cards. This has been the greatest challenge and we need your help to see our dream come true.


Each and every card is a unique work of art! We wanted to stay true to the original style of playing cards you grew up with and are accustomed to, at the same time incorporating the look of the old-school monsters, creating the league of monsters deck!


While each card is an intricate piece of art, they will stand together in the deck as a complete unit!