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How to Control Mind Kits by Ellusionist  (GV $20)

How to Control Mind Kits by Ellusionist (GV $20)


Extraordinary Mind Control... For Entertainment Purposes Only.


This isn't mind-control that can be used to rob a bank or manipulate someone close to you. This is the morally safe, fun kind of mind control.

Use it to:

Fascinate your family
Captivate your colleagues & Freak out your friends.

NOTE: These techniques work in ANY Language... Not just in English

This kit will give you the ability to:

  • Invisibly touch strangers from 6 feet away. They really do feel it.
  • Convince an adult they can no longer read - and they can't.
  • Stick your friend's hand to a table. Using only your mind.
  • Remove someone's ability to say their own name.
  • Make a right-handed person switch to fully left-handed.
  • Steal their strength so they can no longer push something on the table.
  • Persuade them to give you ALL of their possessions in an instant. Then steal their thoughts too.

Gone are the days of boring party tricks. These are party starters!

Techniques that elevate you from man to myth.

Your friend can do a backflip?... That's cute.

You can control people's minds... and prove it.

But can you really do this?
Trust us, YOU CAN.

How can we be sure?

For 2 decades Ellusionist has trained more beginner magicians and minds readers than anyone in the world.

We make a living from doing what we say we will.

In 2019, on Kickstarter, we produced the now famous 'How to Read Minds Kit'.

It blew up and funded in just 90 minutes.

Those people didn't think they could read minds either, but now, all over the world... minds are getting read.

For this kit, we've hand-picked some of the most effective and easiest mind-control demonstrations ever created - to give beginners all the skills they need.

No prior experience or knowledge required.

Usually, it takes years to learn a new skill, like the guitar. Or you're simply born with artistic flare.

How to Control Minds was designed as a copy/paste talent. A mind-melting, ready-made talent that comes in a box.

Copy what we share with you'll be able to "just do it".

You don't need to be dexterous.
You don't need to be a showman.
You don't need to "know it all" before you can start wowing your friends.

People say you can't buy talent - but this kit proves them wrong.

This kit is not just for beginners though, it's for EVERYONE looking to gain or improve the skill of controlling minds - and in the process, you'll end up building confidence and an alluring reputation.

People will know you as the person who can control minds. How cool is that?

You'll have an unlimited social currency that you can bust out at every chance you get.

Be a standout, not a third wheel
Captivate ANY customer
Boost your tips
Make meeting people easier
Get known as "the most interesting kid at school"

But Is It Right for Me?
How To Control Minds makes the perfect gift for anyone, aged 13 & up:

Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Husband or Wife(Give them some new party tricks)
Your Son or Daughter (Help them build confidence)
That nephew you forgot to get a Xmas gift for. (Cheaper than a PS5)
You (Often the best gifts are the ones to yourself!).

If you're short on confidence, or lacking in people skills, especially after a year of being locked inside, then this kit is for you.