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Honeybee Worker Edition Playing Cards (PINK)

Honeybee Worker Edition Playing Cards (PINK)


Honeybee Worker Edition is the ultimate choice for the sophisticated card handler who prefers a borderless deck with a slim, flexible card stock.

Available in both Red & Blue, Honeybee Worker Edition combines Penguin's acclaimed Honeybee brand with our UltraLux™ XT stock and AquaFlow™ Coating.

Printed on high-grade European paper, this card stock is thinner and softer than our standard UltraLux™, making certain moves that much easier straight out of the box. Of course, the cards are just as durable as classic UltraLux™ decks and offer terrific longevity.

AquaFlow™ Coating is Penguin's exclusive water-based coating that gives the cards excellent glide without being too slippery. The cards are printed using vegetable-based inks and are traditionally-cut for easy table faro shuffles.

The borderless edge-to-edge honeycomb pattern back design is GREAT for gambling moves such as bottom dealing and second dealing.

In addition to the custom back design and tuck box, each Honeybee Worker deck includes standard court cards with a custom color scheme, two custom jokers, an elegant custom Ace of Spades, and two bonus gaff cards.

-Borderless Design
-Available in Red & Blue
-Exclusive UltraLux™ XT Card Stock
-AquaFlow™ Coating
-Traditionally Cut
-Custom Tuck Box with Inside & Outside Printing
-No Sticker Seal = No Sticky Residue
-Custom Ace of Spades
-Classic Courts with Customized Colors
-2 Custom Jokers (One Color, One B&W)
-Double Backer and Blank Facer Gaffs Included

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