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Haunted Twin Die Box by Zanadu (GV $62)

Haunted Twin Die Box by Zanadu (GV $62)



Comes with a $62 gift voucher on your next purchase :)

Does not apply to MAP (minimum advertised pricing) products


Zanadu-Petrie Lewis presents another top-quality effect expertly crafted in limited quantities. The Spook- Show Haunted House Die Box.

The classic Die Box effect, but with added features known as the Twin Die Box. This complete outfit consist of a black wooden tray inside of which is a sliding weight that produces the sound of a die sliding back and forth inside the boxes - two wooden boxes with a hinged lid at the top, and a double door feature with sliding haunted house decorated front panels. This makes it possible to show the die inside simply by lifting only the outside (wood) part of the panel, or if the magician wishes to show the box empty, by lifting both parts of the sliding panels together. Also included is a solid 4" orange die and a special four sided shell which fits over this die. All expertly manufactured with our design and construction.

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