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Generation One Playing Cards

Generation One Playing Cards

$18.00 Regular Price
$14.00Sale Price

Generation One Playing Cards

  • Printed by USPCC with neon inks
  • Limited to only 2500 decks
  • Premium Bee stock, crushed, air cushion finish
  • 2-way back, 56 fully custom cards including 4 additional cards
  • Fully custom tuck
  • First deck designed by Luke Wadey in association with Kier Gomes

Generation One, or 'GEN1' for short, combines vibrant pattern and controlled typography to create a unique deck, perfect for cardistry and magic. Inspired by Kier's social media aesthetic using bright, eccentric colors, Luke has designed a deck that brings 80s vibes and presents them in a playful, modern way. Streaks of color band together in eye catching fans, as the paint splash effect twists neon inks to ensure the the cards stand out from every angle. Featuring modified standard card faces with bold, fully custom ad cards and a wild ace of spades to match, this deck proves that a working deck can look completely different to what is expected, and carditsry influenced designs can bring an edge to modern decks for magic.

The creators

Based in the UK, Luke is known best for his typographic and minimal design work in popular solo series' such as Grid, ARW, and Mono, whilst also having worked with of the biggest names in the business with his niche style. His designs are attributed to his love for bold aesthetics and his collections are always unique, often approaching playing card design from a totally different perspective. He continually explores different ways that typography and pattern can be combined, with GEN1 displaying Luke's recognizable design techniques.

From the USA, Kier is a magician/internet personality who made his initial entrance into the playing card community with Slowhands Playing Cards and discovered his passion for collaboration, working with others to bring new ideas to life. His videos and imagery have a very distinctive style, instantly recognizable within the community and he is also known for his work with inspirational figures in the community. Kier brings a fresh approach to all his YouTube content, and it was both his and Luke's drive to create authentic design for the community, combined with a love of playing cards, that formed friendship and the time came to create their first deck together. Will you join them? #OurTimeIsNow

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