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Fiddle Stick by Ellusionist (GV $4)

Fiddle Stick by Ellusionist (GV $4)



Comes with a $4 gift voucher on your next purchase :)



1. It's like a one-handed NUNCHUCKS you can fling, flip & spin.
2. It's a FIDGET TOY (on steroids) you can CLICK, ROLL, GLIDE & SLIDE.
3. Fiddle Stick connects to the spinner (included) for SUPER COOL tricks with one hand. - We'll teach you all the ones we know when you help us fund this project.

To really BRING THE HEAT Fiddle Stick comes with a free LED fidget spinner attachment. Screw it in and fiddle stick's size and awesomeness doubles. Each spin and flick is now accentuated.


Designed for both KIDS and ADULTS, Fiddle Stick is a sleek and ergonomic fit for ANYONE. It stays discrete, so you can fidget anywhere, anytime. At school, at the office... you name it!


Everyone fidgets!

You drum your fingeras on your desk. Spin your keys, click a pen, or flip a coin a hundred times.... We've all done it.

Actually, fidgeting has been proven to increase cognitive ability, concentration and alertness during activities. Multiple studies have proven tools like Fiddle Stick can actually aid those with ADHD, anxiety Autism & Dementia.

This makes Fiddle Stick more than a toy. It's a tool to exercise your brain.

Fiddle Stick has benefits that go beyond just FUN!


Fiddle Stick comes in 3 colors to suit Fidgeters with ANY style.

Jet Black, Hot Pink & Electric Blue.

Jet Black is for the stealthy Fidgeters out there. Sleek & unassuming to allow you to flip, spin, click or roll ANYWHERE. At school, at the office, during meetings, or even waiting in line for some ice-cream.

Hot Pink is for those looking to make a statement. Don't be afraid to Fidget. The Hot Pink Fiddle Stick commands attention... and keeps it.

An ice cold color because your moves are FIRE. This is for those who are introverts at heart, but looking to break the mold. You can with an Electric Blue Fiddle Stick.

Which color do you LOVE?


Adam Wilber - What is he thinking?

Adam Wilber is an inventor, magician & public speaker. He's travelled the world creating products that bring wonder.

His most notable product Pyro Mini went viral in 2015, setting the internet 'ablaze'.

With Fiddle Stick, he created a purpose-built fidget toy to suit his needs. Something that opened the door to moves, flips and tricks. Something that quenched his fidgeting thirst whilst sitting in airports from gig to gig.

Fiddle Stick is like the Kendama of the fidget-world, basic enough for anyone to do it, but diverse enough for some people to pull off the craziest tricks imaginable.

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