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Expansion Set GOLD by Matthew Garrett

Expansion Set GOLD by Matthew Garrett

$135.00 Regular Price
$110.00Sale Price

Please Note: This set is not a trick on its own.

These gold rings accompany The Linking Rings Close Up and The Ninja Rings and match both in terms of size and color.


Add more mystery to your Linking Ring routine!

You receive 4 gold rings of the highest quality - 3 joined rings and 1 single solid ring.

Presented in a velvet bag, with online video instructions by none other than Matthew Garrett.

If you perform the close-up rings, then this set is for you.

These rings are of the highest quality.

They are smooth, professionally gold plated and the welds unnoticeable.

All rings measure 4.5" outside diameter. The weight and size are perfect for close-up workers.

Many classic close-up routines use more than just 4 rings. With this expansion set, you can perform them too.

Matthew teaches a direct, visual 6 ring routine, where you link a full chain of 6 rings.


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