Empire Magic Collection Kit #12

Empire Magic Collection Kit #12

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Each printed box includes 4 Easy-To-Do Tricks with illustrated instructions. Includes: 


Magic Crystal Box (A ball is tossed into a box and then covered with a lid, the box is then covered with a hanky, finally the hanky is wisked away and the ball has vanished!), 


Magic Rattle Bars (the magician shows three bars, one rattles, two don't - spectators cannot keep track of the rattling bar),


 Magic Melting Coin (a coin is slid into a box and a small sword is pushed through the coin - the sword is removed and the coin is unharmed), 


Magic Cups & Balls (balls magically vanish, appear, penetrate and multiply under three cups, then a surprise finish).


Box measures 5.5 x 8 x 1.5 inches.