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Doughnut by Erlich Zhang & Bacon Magic

Doughnut by Erlich Zhang & Bacon Magic

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$9.90Sale Price

Doughnut is a quick and easy rubber band magic trick created by magician Erlich Zhang and produced by Bacon Magic.

It was created in 2017, have sold at Magifest & Magic Live! in 2018 and it was well-received.

By using Doughnut, you can make a very visual "pass-through -- separation" effect with rubber bands. When performing, you can randomly display two rubber bands in your hand, and then you just need to shake your hand gently, the two rubber bands will be visually connected, the audience can clearly see the magic effect. Then you just pull on them, the two bands will be separated visually.

The design of Doughnut is very clever, it not only ensures that the effect is visual enough, but also greatly reduces the difficulty of operation. Once you get it in your hands, you can make a amazing effect after watching the explanation and trying it some times.

Also, Doughnut is very compatible, you can use it as an opening for a set of rubber band tricks or an amazing ending. Doughnut basically does not need to reset, you can repeat the show at any time.

You will receive: two rubber bands with gimmick, some refill materials.

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