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Deluxe Box of Tricks

Deluxe Box of Tricks

$220.00 Regular Price
$198.00Sale Price

A unique, special edition set celebrating the 30th anniversary of Marvin’s Magic that contains professional magic tricks hand-picked by Marvin himself.


We made just 3,000 of these top-selling sets, so it’s almost a collector’s item already!


We’ve taken magic sets to the next level to mark 30 years of Marvin’s Magic! This set features over 100 definitive magic tricks and professional-quality equipment even Marvin would be thrilled to receive!

Our limited edition Deluxe Box of Tricks comes beautifully presented in a unique, double-layered black-and-gold display case with red flock-fleeced interior.


This Deluxe Box of Tricks includes:

  • Dynamic Coins set: a modern classic, precision-engineered in solid brass.
  • Authentic Himber Wallet: a staple utility device of professional magicians worldwide.
  • Magician’s silk and secret gimmicks: for astonishing empty-handed vanishes and productions.
  • Professional-sized Magician’s Cups in impact-resistant ABS polymer and classic gold finish: Cleverly concealed gimmickry allows for many powerful effects, including
  • Classic Cups and Balls routine with cotton pom-poms.
  • Ingenious built-in Chop Cup feature with special crochet balls.
  • Unique Flying Coins routine, made possible through ingenious, undetectable engineering.
  • Svengali Cards: preferred tool of expert magicians for over a century.
  • Multi-purpose Miracle Cards: putting expert mind-reading and sophisticated card control within reach – without the years of frustrating study!
  • Coins and Cards Matrix: an acclaimed pinnacle of visual sleight-of-hand, made simple through deceptive gimmicks.
  • Cloth-bound hardback instruction book containing over 100 amazing tricks.
  • Magician’s Wand in classic black and gold
  • Collector’s Edition embossed Marvin’s Magic silver steel tokens.


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