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Decibel by Adam Wilber (Preowned)

Decibel by Adam Wilber (Preowned)


You've heard the hype - now Decibel is finally here! We're very excited to be able to off you this incredible, innovative, powerful piece of magic that the top magicians are raving about.

So what is Decibel all about? First, let's look at the effect. You ask your spectator to name ANY song - it could be their favourite song, a song they just heard, a song from their childhood, pretty much ANY song they can think of. Then, you take their headphones and have them put them in their ears but give you them the other end that usually plugs into their music player. Simply by holding the end between your finger and thumb, something truly magical begins to happen. They hear the song they named playing through their disconnected headphones! That's right, without being plugged into any music device they hear the song that they freely chose! No force. And that's just one effect.

In short, you can push ANY audio file to their headphones, whether that be a song, instructions, a prediction, your voice or even someone else's voice. You are literally limited by your own imagination as to what you can get your spectator to hear. They hear whatever you want them to hear.

So what exactly is Decibel? In short, Decibel is a custom made, precision-engineered device. Concealed beyond detection, you are able to activate the spectator's ungimmicked headphones and have audio files play through them wirelessly. You can even use your smartphone or home computer to create messages or instructions to play through the spectator's headphones, and combined with the use of the likes of YouTube and Spotify, pretty much ANY song named can be set to play. This inevitably raises the question of whether you need the use of an accomplice to achieve the 'name any song' effect. The answer is that you can, or you can download the optional iPhone app Decibel, (available from the Apple App Store, click here), which is designed to work with Decibel and allows you to perform without an accomplice when having a spectator name any song.

This versatile gimmick is machined with sports-car precision and is powerful and durable. With easy operation and elegant design, Decibel can be performed in any venue or situation.

Just think of the possibilities of Decibel. You can do things such as...

  • Reveal, force, instant stooge or create dual reality effects
  • Create a ghostly message from beyond the grave
  • Play a radio station from anywhere in the world

Many years of research and development have gone into making Decibel a truly workable and unbelievable piece of magic. The attention to detail is incredible and the video instructions cover everything you need to know about Decibel and how to use it.

With your purchase you receive the Decibel precision-made gimmick, along with the necessary charger and a link to the dedicated instructional video, all packaged in an elegant box that also serves as protective case when transporting the unit.


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