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Compass Playing Cards

Compass Playing Cards

$18.00 Regular Price
$14.00Sale Price

Back in 2016, I started designing Compass Playing Cards as a project to marry my two greatest passions: playing cards and graphic design. I have been designing playing cards since 2014, and it is time to get Compass Playing Cards on Kickstarter. I strive to bring to life high-quality playing cards so that everyone can delight in the minimalistic design and add to their collection a unique deck of cards.


  • Printed By USPCC
  • Linen crushed stock paper
  • Metallic ink
  • Gold foil custom tuck box
  • Custom stamp
  • Minimum run of 2500

Compass Playing Cards will be made of the highest quality materials perfect for any collector, magician, or cardist. Compass Playing Cards will be printed by The United States Playing Card Company on linen crushed stock paper. Gold metallic ink will add to its luxurious appearance. Cards will come in a custom embossed gold-foiled tuck case and sealed with a custom stamp produced by Gambler's Warehouse. We are putting quality in every single deck.

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