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Blue Spotitis by Ken de Courcy - Book

Blue Spotitis by Ken de Courcy - Book

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The concepts in this book go back over 100 years. Robert Neil, Robert Harbin, George Sands, Ernie Kob, Martin Gardner, as well as many others have written on the subject. Blue Spotitis teaches many routines utilizing folded paper... some with the addition of coins or other small items. This book also includes some great mentalism effects that can be performed anywhere.



Paper can be found everywhere, and thanks to Ken de Courcy, you can use it for miraculous effects.


In Blue Spotitis you will learn routines using the Salt-Cellar Fold and an occasional small coin or other readily available item that will baffle and bemuse your spectators. You also get some mentalism effects that can be performed on the go.



The Salt-Cellar Fold
Colour Change
The Psychic Square
Coin Vanish
Coin Production
Married Sponges
The Oracle
Blue Spotitis
The Cat
The Magic Carpet


So get your copy soon before they are gone. Order today!

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