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Blink wallet looch (Preowned)

Blink wallet looch (Preowned)


Read My Mind Ltd presents a brand new peek case that will blow your mind. Blink is an instant access peek case that gives you an immediate view of what has been written / drawn on the back of a business card. This premium quality leather business card case has been designed by Looch and hand crafted by the best leather makers in the magic industry, Alan Wong. With Blink you are able to have a business card returned and the case closed, there is nothing to see on the front, side or back yet at the moment you choose, you will have immediate and instant access to their secret information. Blink has an exciting, innovative NEW method that enables a clear unobstructed view of your participant’s thoughts - it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s amazing. Their secret can be yours within the ‘Blink’ of an eye…

"BLINK is definitely one of the best peek wallets ever created and certainly one of the top mentalist's products of the year."


“Blink is an ingenious, refined and highly practical addition to the arsenal of the modern performer. Recommended!”


"The secret is totally new and allows you to get your peek, in a "Blink!" As soon as that blink is over, the wallet is back to normal. You can actually get your peek as you place the wallet into your spectator's hands! Looch has a reputation for putting out high-quality products. This may be his best one yet."

Richard Osterlind

"I was fooled. Twice. BLINK is very clever easy to use. This is a 1A product!" 

Lior Manor 

"The very best peek case I have ever had in my hands!"

Rudolf Kunzli

"I have been waiting to get one since I saw the prototype in January. Today it arrived, I love it!" 

Jon Stetson

Blink is a professional mentalism product supplied with full online video instructions detailing the workings of the effect and access to the secret buyers only Facebook group to learn and share top-secret insights into using the prop.

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