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AMMAR TRILOGY SET by Michael Ammar & Murphy's Magic (GV$5)

AMMAR TRILOGY SET by Michael Ammar & Murphy's Magic (GV$5)


Comes with a $5 gift voucher on your next purchase :)


With the Ammar Trilogy Complete Set, you'll discover the real secrets of magic! Michael goes far beyond the technical methods and gimmicks, and dives deeply into the psychology and details that make your audience feel they have seen real magic!

World Champion Magician, Michael Ammar teaches:

  • Why things work the way they do
  • How to make people care about the magic you perform
  • What to do if things go wrong
  • The best ways to improve your magic
  • How to create entertaining routines
  • How to be ready for any outcome
  • When to perform and when to quit
  • The basic rules and when to break them
  • And so much more!

Astonishing magical surprises using spoons, rubber bands, napkins, business cards, pencils, salt shakers, and more give you the power to entertain at any time at any table - at home or in a restaurant. Years of research went into gathering the very best of professional-strength magic that can be learned by anyone. Effective yet approachable magic has never been so carefully collected, so clearly explained, or so effectively taught. Ammar's love of magic and passion for teaching come together in this beautiful collection of some of his finest work.

You will also learn the secrets that will empower you to amaze anyone with any deck of cards! From the very basic of card handling to flourishes and magic used by professionals, you'll be able to produce any selected card, all four Aces or a full Royal Flush! Plus, you'll discover the secret to magically separating all the red from all the black cards, how to instantly cause a deck shuffled face up into face down cards to all face the same direction, and many other effects you'll want to perform for a lifetime!

Imagine the thrill of knowing you can take any coin from your pocket and do incredible magic with it at any time, any place! Learn secrets for making coins disappear and reappear just about anywhere over and over - in the coolest ways! Technique after technique, routine after routine - you'll be amazed by how much magic you already have in your pockets! With slow motion and extreme close-up views of step-by-step instructions, there has never been a better system for mastering true sleight of hand with coins.

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