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5 Second Challenge by Henry Evans and Daniel Mornina

5 Second Challenge by Henry Evans and Daniel Mornina

$50.00 Regular Price
$39.90Sale Price

The effect begins when the magician asks a spectator to choose a card from a mini deck. This card is placed on top of a sealed standard deck held by the spectator, who is challenged to turn this card over in less than five seconds.

The spectator cannot succeed, as the Mini Card is enclosed inside the cellophane of the new standard deck, which is opened to reveal the chosen card.

The conditions of the effects are beyond impressive since the magic happens in the spectator hands.

It includes a Signed Card Version with a different handling.

It's easy to perform, no hard techniques required and good opener for card magic since it leaves a deck on scene to continue performing.

The product includes, bicycle mini special deck, magnet, special finger tape, special gimmick, high quality performance video and explanation in QR format.

It requires a Standard Bicycle New Deck, (not included).

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