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100th Monkey Multi-Language by Chris Philpott (GV$11)

100th Monkey Multi-Language by Chris Philpott (GV$11)


Comes with a $11 gift voucher on your next purchase :)


Chris Philpott's The 100th Monkey

Includes bonus material! Secret vision testers

"I Want to See My Future"
- Narcissus

Predicting the future is a dangerous thing, so to verify a spectator's consent, you take a picture of her holding a card that reads "I want to see my future!" But when she looks at the photo, the words on the card have changed to reveal her future in a surprising, accurate and funny way.

"The Puppeteer"
- Pantheon

A charming story comes to life as the spectator becomes like the puppet in the story.

Monkey with a Knife (previously unreleased)

A card is chosen, lost in the deck, which is spread over a table and covered with a large paper. A spectator stabs through the paper - right through his card!

The 100th Monkey Edition includes 12 gimmicked postcards and downloadable video and written instructions plus over 100 gimmicked JPEGs you can print up at home.

To people who already own the 100th Monkey: no need to buy this new version. If you signed up for updates, all the new bonus material is in the update drop box already!

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