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VANISH by Robby Constantine & icandy by Peter Eggink

VANISH by Robby Constantine & icandy by Peter Eggink

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1) VANISH by Robby Constantine

Show the Sharpie marker and the money, then put the Sharpie behind the money, visually the Sharpie will disappear and only the Sharpie cap will remain, the missing Sharpie will appear in the pocket of the magician's pants.

  • Fully examinable
  • No pulls
  • No sleeve
  • No black art
  • No magnet


2) iCANDY by Peter Eggink


Powerful, visual magic done "in the hands" with organic objects is the best any magician can do. Everybody can relate to Candy from children to adults and definitely creates a maximum impact!

Basic routine:

Have a spectator choose 2 different coloured candy's, and have them cup their hand around them. Next, you take one of the candy's out of their hand without them seeing it. It's a 50/50 chance that the spectator will "guess" the right color so that is not too magical...until you magically and visually make the candy disappear, only to have it re-appeared INSIDE their hands!

iCandy allows you to perform amazing visual effects from transpo's, color changes, penetrations and much more! Check out the video and let the magic speak for itself.

The gimmick adapts to both popular brands: Fruit-tella and Starburst.

iCandy comes complete with special iCandy gimmicks (including the option to adapt the gimmick to fruit-tella or Starburst), and online video instructions that goes in detail on various effects/routines including the vanishes.

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