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Universal Coin Vanisher with DVD by SEO MAGIC

Universal Coin Vanisher with DVD by SEO MAGIC


A Great Collaboration between SEO MAGIC and Ponta the Smith is finally revealed!!

SEO’s Coin Vanisher is well-known by magicians around the world who love to find creative ways to include it in their performances.

The gimmick has unlimited possibilities with an imaginative artist; however, it isn´t always clear how far we can take its power.

We knew there was an even greater method of reaching the potential of this handy aid.

Now Ponta the Smith has solved our concerns.

His great ideas and handlings are explained in the DVD.

We are so happy to share them with you.

You can vanish a coin instantly, even a borrowed coin is OK. It not only works with a coin, but also a bill or a match.

In the video, he explains 3 patterns of “Coin Vanish”, “Exchange”, “Change”, and “Match Up Nose”.

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