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THE PROPHECY OF HORUS by Luca Volpe and Renato Cotini  (GV $6)

THE PROPHECY OF HORUS by Luca Volpe and Renato Cotini (GV $6)


Comes with a $6 gift voucher on your next purchase :)


Luca Volpe & Renato Cotini are proud to present The Prophecy of Horus.

Imagine this:
You show the spectator a card saying that represents a prediction...the prophecy of Horus.

Then you introduce cards of mixed puzzle pieces saying that they create three typical Egyptian symbols. At this point the spectator will proceed to a series of mixes, completely changing the sequence of the cards. Once the mixing procedure will end, the first four cards will be arranged to form the figure of a puzzle. Three of these pieces will match but only one will be wrong. Despite everything, when the prediction card is turned will show how the prophecy came true, in fact the image on the prediction will correspond to the one created by the spectator!

Important points:

  • You can decide what image to predict (four option to choose from)
  • You will find two different kind of presentation, one for mentalists (where the prediction will have one wrong piece) and one for magicians (with a different handling where the prediction will match perfectly with the one created by the spectator)
  • The mixing procedure is based on an old technique which has been streamlined for the purpose of this routine, using a script that makes sense!
  • Perfect for close up and online shows!
  • Perfect to bring people on your social media, in fact the prediction can be posted on your Instagram or Facebook profile!
  • What you will get:
    • 12 professionally printed high quality cards on 300 grams cardstock
    • 3 full prediction cards
    • 1 prediction card with a wrong piece of the puzzle (for the mentalism presentation)
    • Download instructions and pdf that you can use to print your own prediction if needed.

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