Tenyo 2021 Set

Tenyo 2021 Set

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(Magic Tweezers 2021 by Tenyo Magic)

Pluck large coins from a tiny hole! Produce coins too large to fit through a tiny hole in a credit card.


(Magical Honeycomb 2021 by Tenyo Magic)

This snappy trick uses two hexagonal rings, one yellow and one black. Each ring is punched with a series of holes. After showing the front and back of each ring, they instantly change places and change color.


(Cheek to Cheek 2021 by Tenyo Magic)

Have the spectator select and memorize one card. After the card is returned, shuffle so some cards are facing up and some are facing down. Cast a spell and the orientations of the cards will be aligned instantly.


(The Blur 2021 by Tenyo Magic)

This striking trick creates a unique image - a blurred deck of cards. Your audience will think they need their eyes checked when the ink starts to blur.