System 6 - Modern Triumph (Preowned)

System 6 - Modern Triumph (Preowned)


Its finally here, the cleanest most visual Triumph yet. The spectator removes a card, remembers it and places it back. As in the classic triumph the cards are shuffled cleanly face-up into face-down. Instantly the cards are spread to reveal that all but one of the cards has rearranged themselves. Only one card is left face down (building suspense), the cards are flipped over and spread to reveal that in fact their card was the only one reversed.

What makes the modern triumph different than other triumphs?


  • First and Foremost no sleight of hand,
  • Unlike other similar decks this deck allows you to show the cards fixing themselves IMMEDIATELY upon shuffling them into each other
  • No need for any misdirection or flipping over of the deck
  • Unlike similar decks, with Modern Triumph you show BOTH sides are all facing one way, except for the selected card.

Fairest Triumph, I've ever seen! What you see IS what you get. Modern take on the classic"Patrick Kun (Creator & Consultant to David Copperfield)

I don't order card tricks, but this just looked too damn good!Ken Weber (Author of Maximum Entertainment)

One of the cleanest versions of one of my favorite plots by one of the most talented magicians. Awesome"Woody Aragon

Modern Triumph comes with everything you need. Instruction DVD + Gimmick
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