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RONTE (Rope Monte)

RONTE (Rope Monte)

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Easy Rope Magic with Fun.

Suitable with ANY show styles, even you're surrounded or table hopping.

(Phase #1, using 2 ropes)
Magician hands out two loops of the rope to spectator and let him/her examine the loops.

Now, one loop is hanged on magician’s hand and another loop is hanged on it.

When magician tries, two loops are instantly switched the positions. However, when the spectator tries, it always fails.

It requires ONLY Two loops. No gimmicks are used. The winner of the game is under control of magician.

(Phase #2, using 3 ropes)
In addition to two ropes used for phase #1, another white looped rope is added.

Now magician plays “MONTE Game” by using 3 ropes. It is easy for spectator to reveal the secret….

Then spectator challenges if the red rope can jump to the middle…. It seems to be impossible…

However…. In the next moment…. The red rope visually jumps into the middle!!

Made with Japanese High Quality ropes.

Comes with online instructional video.

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