Quantum Coins (US Quarter) by Greg Gleason and RPR Magic

Quantum Coins (US Quarter) by Greg Gleason and RPR Magic

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"One of the fastest matrix routines I've ever seen."
- Shin Lim

"It looks like real magic."
- Lance Burton

There are many matrix effects out there, but Quantum Coins by Greg Gleason and RPR Magic Innovations is unlike anything you have seen before.

So clean and FAST, it LOOKS like a camera trick.
But it is completely do-able...even performing on stage with people on each side of you.

Fool magicians as well as lay people.
It is THAT good.

  • Place the four coins in the standard matrix.
  • Plainly cover each coin with a playing card.
  • With NO slights, and what seems like NO moves -- you miraculously lift 3 of the cards to show they have disappeared.
  • Lift the last card, and all four coins are revealed.
  • Look at the video to see how truly revolutionary it is.

    Greg Gleason is so confident in Quantum Coins he uses a close-up camera to ensure his audiences can see every move.

    But the matrix is only the beginning, with Quantum Coins you can accomplish appearances, vanishes, transformations and more.
    The possibilities are endless.