Optical Wallet

Optical Wallet

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Two cards are shown in a little transparent wallet: the nine of clubs and the jack of hearts. The performer takes the jack out of the wallet and shows it a around before placing it face up onto the hand of a spectator. Then the nine of clubs is taken out of the wallet and placed face down over the jack of hearts which still openly rests on the spectator's hand.

The performer states that they are going to visually pass the nine of clubs through the jack. No sooner said than done, the nine of clubs is turned over and believe it or not; it has vanished! The card is now totally blank!

"But where is the nine of clubs?" asks the performer as they scratch their head. Then a sudden inspiration comes to mind and the spectator is invited to turn the jack of hearts over.

The spectator does so and discovers to their surprise -and to everyone's amazement too- that the nine of clubs is printed over the back of the jack of hearts! The cards are immediately given out for a close examination.

Easy to do. The trick is self-working. The props are ingeniously gimmicked to do all the work for you. You do not make any suspicious moves. Everything is handled in a very natural and casual way.

Optical Wallet is a new gimmick offering hundreds of possibilities. It does not use the classic systems that everybody knows such as the Himber principle, the double pocket, etc.