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Nutty Bolt

Nutty Bolt

$30.00 Regular Price
$19.90Sale Price

An incredible little trick with a nut, bolt and a tube. Sealed inside the tube the nut magically unscrews itself from the bolt. What! Completely unexpected and utterly explainable.

You'll be so tempted to reveal the secret to your colleagues as it's just as impressive as the effect. But don't! Keep mum. It's just too delicious to give away.



The nut is screwed halfway onto the bolt and dropped into a metal tube. The Performer seals the tube, gives it a shake and pops the lid, tipping the bolt and nut into the spectator's hand. To everyone's astonishment, the nut has unscrewed itself from the bolt. That's nuts! 


his will become one of your favourite pocket tricks. 

  • No sleight of hand - the props do everything for you
  • Precision made quality prop
  • Nut and bolt are completely examinable 

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