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Nice To Meet You 2! by Masuda Magic  (GV $6)

Nice To Meet You 2! by Masuda Magic (GV $6)


Comes with a $6 gift voucher on your next purchase :)

Does not apply to MAP (minimum advertised pricing) products.

You stand your business card on the flat surface of a card box, and even though you release the hands, your card is still standing on its own.

You rotate the card box to show its backside, but there is nothing suspicious that can be spotted.

You can also stand your card on a cleared table.

Finally, you can fan the playing cards, stand your business card on the fanned cards, and give out your card to one of the audience members.


The newly added process, which is standing a business card on fanned cards, was invented by Michiaki Kishimoto from Magic shop Creators, and this invention gave birth to the more magical version of Hajimemashite.

The product now includes a simple kit you need to operate this new process.

This product contains a gimmick and a sample message card.

Instruction is provided through a video.

You can watch the explanation video by scanning the QR code on the back of the package.

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