Magic Palette with Magic Coloring Book

Magic Palette with Magic Coloring Book

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Magic Coloring Book 8" x 11"

The amazing magic coloring book is the easiest trick around.Flip the pages showing they are black and white. Wave your hand and the pictures are now colored.Give the book a shake and the pages all turn blank. These are beautifully packaged for retail sales.

Each/polybag w/ full color header.


Magic Palette

A quality prop for use with many other coloring effects. The prop appears to be a regular artist's palette, with six blobs of paint in different colors. Just wave the palette, and the colors vanish, leaving six empty spots in their place. You can also do this in reverse, having the colors appear in place of the empty spots. Offset printed, and laminated, this comes to you at a very low and affordable price.


Use with a magic coloring book!