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Long Card (Black) by Diamond Jim Tyler

Long Card (Black) by Diamond Jim Tyler


A card revelation is pulled from your pocket to reveal the spectator's chosen card. However, it's the right suit but not the correct value. For example, the spectator has chosen the eight of clubs and the magician reveals the three of clubs. The magician asks, "So your card was bigger?" After they comply the magician pulls a very long card out of his pocket to reveal the eight of clubs that is seemingly stretched out. This card gag never fails to get gasps and laughs.

Each long card measures 9 x 2.5". They are each printed on a thick white paper stock to look realistic. Lastly, the heavy stock is coated with a laminate spray to give it durability. However, it's wise to keep the long card(s) in their package to protect them when not in use, just like you'd keep your deck of cards in a box when not in use. If you can force a card, then you're guaranteed to get big reactions with DJT's Long Card.

There are 4 options when buying DJT's Long Card:

  • There's one with a standard red playing card back on it.
  • There's another that is double-sided with two different revelations so the effect can be immediately repeated if need be.
  • Thirdly, there is one with a solid black back. The black back was created with the intention to be better hidden when protruding out of an inner jacket pocket to match the black inside-lining of many jackets.
  • The fourth option is buying all 3 as a full set.

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