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Key Rod with Key Chain by Ronjo (GV $10)

Key Rod with Key Chain by Ronjo (GV $10)


Comes with a $10 gift voucher on your next purchase :)

Does not apply to MAP (minimum advertised pricing) products.


A color changing paddle on your key ring that you can carry everywhere...because it's right on your key ring!  A stunning brass paddle is shown to have 6 different color gems on each side.  With the wave of your hand, all 12 gems change to match a selected color!  Then you return the gems on one side back to their original colors, leaving the stones on the other side in the selected color!  Then pass the rod out for examination.  A great effect attached to your Trick - KEY Ring (included!). This is great street magic that you can perform anytime, anywhere because it's all right there on your Trick - Key, key ring!

The Trick - Key Magic Collection makes a great gift for your favorite magician!


Comes with a beautiful brass rod with 6 different color gemstones on one side, six stones on the other side and detailed instructions.

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